What do I need to track an object ?

You need a smartphone, the Bluebee Finder app which is available on the AppStore for FREE, and one or several BlueBee devices.

Which smartphones are compatible with BlueBee ?

- Compatibility with iOS devices : iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, iPad 3, 4, mini.
-Compatibility with Android devices : Android 4.3.x or higher.

Is it possible to track several Bluebees with the same smartphone ?

Yes, you can track up to 8 Bluebees simultaneously with the same device!

How is my bluebee powered ?

Your BlueBee has a rechargeable battery and you only have to charge it every 2 months! It uses a standard micro USB cable.

What is the range of the BlueBee ?

BlueBee is connected to your Smarphone in the range from 0 to up to 90 meters outdoors, and 30 meters indoors. However, thanks to our Blue Crowd Search technology all the other users will without knowing it help you to track your items at all time. This makes BlueBee’s range literally infinite !

How do I connect my BlueBee to the Smartphone ?

Just press the « + » button on the home screen of the BlueBee Finder app and stick your BlueBee to your screen. In less then 5 seconds your Bluebee will be added to your app.

How do I make my phone ring with BlueBee ?

Hold the red BlueBee button for 3 seconds and your Smartphone will ring.

How do I recharge my bluebee ?

Use the micro USB cable you have recieved with your BlueBee. Connect it to any usb hub and let your BlueBee on charge for 4 hours. A led will blink to indicate that your device is charging.